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What Makes Us the Best!

The key ingredient that makes us the most effective provider of sales training is comprehensive research that identifies what works best, why it works best, and how to teach salespeople and sales managers. Much of this information comes from respected experts; however, we have also analyzed over 10 million online learning interactions using advanced algorithms which provided us with deep insights into the large number of factors that affect individual learning performance. Each of these variables has been programmed into our digital tutoring system, allowing the system to personalize learning, practice and reinforcement to each individual in a way that ensures total mastery.

If you examine the research on what works for training office staff, sales people and professional athletes you will find that what works for salespeople is much more closely aligned with the professional athlete vs. the office worker. Athletes and salespeople have to develop the ability to rapidly assess a situation, call up the right combination of knowledge and skills and then adapt them in order to respond effectively.  One other thing –both the salesperson and the professional athlete have to sustain peak performance under intense competitive pressure. If you manage a team of soccer players who need to build their strength you have them workout in a weight room not a classroom.  If you manage a team of salespeople who need to build sales and mental toughness skills you have them workout in BrainX.