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Through extensive research, we have come to the conclusion that the biggest problem in sales today is that the vast majority of companies dramatically underestimate what their salespeople are capable of achieving. The evidence is overwhelming; just look at how few companies evaluate and measure each salesperson’s ability to strategically use each important selling skill associated with the company’s sales process. While marketing departments measure everything that impacts conversion rates at each stage of the marketing process sales departments rarely apply the same analysis to determine which selling skills produce the greatest results at each stage in their selling process. We believe that the fundamental reason behind this big problem is a systemic failure of the sales training industry to fully acknowledge how big the gap is between current sales performance and what salespeople are capable of achieving along with what it really takes to train people in a way that produces sustained levels of superior performance.

Blue Pacific Sales Training exists in order to solve this relatively obvious, yet ignored problem. We are committed to shouting out the truth about how much money salespeople are capable of making for their company and the amount of effort it takes to teach meaningful sales skills by using effective training strategies that improve results while also streamlining the entire training process.

We invite you to join our team of experienced sales skills experts, performance psychologists and neuroscience specialist who are collaborating in a system that is revolutionizing how salespeople are trained so that they achieve sales skills mastery in less time. This approach, which is solidly grounded in neuroscience that examines how we learn, has been proven successful with over 10,000 salespeople.

Joining us means that you can put your content into our BrainX platform and sell co-branded versions of the platform with your content. This innovative platform allows you to customize programs to meet the specific needs of each of your clients. You can also enjoy the opportunity to resell content from other members of the Blue Pacific Sales Training Consortium of Experts. BrainX delivers training, personalized coaching and individualized accountability through a patented online sales skills workout system. This system uses intelligent assessments to identify what each salesperson needs to learn and teaches them to the point of mastery. BrainX also sends personalized coaching instructions to the salesperson’s manager and tracks performance to ensure that salespeople are using what they have learned.

Many trainers begin their relationship with us by using our new hire training system to convert a client’s new hire training material into the BrainX System and combine it with the trainer’s sales skills training. This type of partnership not only cuts new hire ramp-up time in half, but also ensures that sales skills are mastered so that your client’s enjoy sustained results.

If you are ready to help your client’s breakout of the paper cage of low expectations and create a sustained increase in the performance of every salesperson, then contact us today.