Our Patented Learning System

Finally – An Intelligent Online Learning System that Produces Sales Mastery

Our training system is based on cutting-edge neuroscience that recognizes that every learner is different. The goal of sales training is to change behavior in a way that produces a sustained increase in sales performance. With this in mind, our intelligent training platform builds a unique profile on each learner that identifies their prior knowledge, how quickly they absorb new information, how much reinforcement they need to grow connections that create mastery and more. This profile is then used in combination with a patented learning methodology to accelerate learning and assure that every learner reaches true mastery.

Learning in Short Blasts is More Effective

Since every minute a learner spends on the system is customized to their profile and learning gaps, the same system is able to achieve the highest retained learning per hour of study ratings in the industry. This means that your salespeople reach mastery and improve performance in the shortest amount of total learning time. It also means that salespeople can learn in short increments of time spread out over weeks instead of intensive day long training that actually works in direct opposition to learning retention.

Neuroscience Research Explains Why Traditional Sales Training Doesn’t Stick

According to the Association of Talent Development study, 90% of all sales training initiatives fail to produce a sustained increase in performance. Almost every sales manager has experienced the zone of disappointment shown in the chart below. They expect sustained increases in performance, but in reality training only produces short-lived and small increases in performance. The research shows that when our technology is used, salespeople produce sustained increases in performance each month exceed management’s greatest expectations.