Not Your Father’s Sales Training Company

We are new, research-based and totally focused on what works in today’s selling environments.    We refuse to ignore the research which shows that  today’s sales professionals won’t change their behavior just by attending classroom-based or facilitator-on-the-stage training – or even worse, talking head videos that the old school training companies mistakenly call online learning.

Today’s Sales Professionals respond to training designed for them as an individual and they will only engage if you start by showing why they need this training and prove that it will help them – something our system always does.  The flip side is that today's professionals are innovative and can be a great partner in continuously improving your selling methods and training. Innovations our system stimulates, captures and uses to continuously improve your courses.

We believe it is time that the sales profession gets back to receiving the respect it deserves. Sales is a pressurized competitive activity. The research shows that effective sales training is much more closely aligned to the training a football team or Olympic gymnast receives than to how an accountant or office worker is trained. Imagine how silly it would be to bring an underperforming football team in for a full day of classroom instruction and facilitation and then expect them to perform better in the next game. Ridiculous, right? Well it is just as ridiculous to use these methods for sales training. This is why we believe it is time to disrupt the sales training industry.

We simply ask that you help us in our quest by giving us the opportunity to prove in a head-to-head trial that our methods dramatically outperform the methods used by our bigger competitors.