One & Done is Dead – Long Live Continuous Improvement!

Our technology produces personalized, short, daily learning workouts for each salesperson that we call “Learning Blasts”. These 10 to 15 minute Learning Blasts provide effective training followed by a short mental exercise that puts the salesperson in a peak performance mental zone as they transition out of the Learning Blast and into their next selling conversation. 

This produces an immediate uptick in performance that more than covers the cost of the time the salesperson spends away from selling and in the Learning Blast.

This ongoing, incremental training method eliminates the need to take salespeople offline for hours or days at a time that is required by normal one and done training methods. This ongoing method also promotes continuous improvement.

Our ready-to-go content is customized to each client because even companies who sell to the same market have different challenges and our training can reflect each of these. Our service includes a huge library of course content with lessons and study material on sales skills, management and coaching, Mental Toughness and more. This content was developed by some of the most respected sales skills experts in the world today. At a minimum, we combine content from the library with your real world situations to create unique courses for you. For example, a course on dealing with objections might include our lessons and study items along with simulations to practice verbally responding to objections. We incorporate your most common objections in order to make the simulations as realistic and applicable as possible. 

We can also incorporate your current training content. For example, many of our clients use our intelligent practice question system and simulation system to reinforce everything taught in their new hire classes.

“Prescription without Analysis and Diagnosis is Malpractice”

We believe that telling a client what they need before we analyze their current situation and determine the highest impact training topics (diagnosis) qualifies as malpractice. Therefore, our process begins with a proprietary process for figuring how and which training topics will produce the greatest increase in sales performance over the shortest amount of time.

We don’t stop with this initial analysis but continue to develop a comprehensive understanding of a client’s industry, particular business mission, company processes, competition and product & service offerings, which includes evaluation of any existing, company-specific training content.

In almost every case, courses will combine company specific information, like product knowledge or real world selling situations, with our expert sales skills training content. The result is a system that accepts any type of content and then molds teaching methods to the individual needs of each learner.

Because the patented BrainX technology automates parts of the course creation process, Blue Pacific Sales Training is able to offer our customers the lowest course development pricing in the industry. In addition to standard types of course content, Blast includes a simulation system, which allows learners to verbally interact in real world situations where they can hone their skills before they are expected to perform on the job.