Business to Consumer Selling

Training Topics

The courses we offer were developed by some of the most respected and successful strategists and trainers in the world.

Training Topics

Opening the Call

Getting at the Big Why (Inbound)

Prospecting (Outbound)

Determining Conversation Style

Building Rapport

Building Credibility

Gaining agreement (Small yesses)- breaking down customer resistance

Tone, pace, and quality of voice- avoiding customer turn-offs

Upselling and Cross-selling

Customer Perspective

The value of using customer perspective vs salesperson perspective

Using the voice of peers to engage the customer

Value Propositions

What makes you different?

Crafting value propositions with benefits

Adding customer perspective to value propositions

Developing value propositions for different products, services, and market segments

Value Conversations

Understanding the different value conversation types

Initiating a value conversation

Dealing with emotions

Using the value conversation to help customers see what they really want

Transitioning from the value conversation to action

Ethical and Effective Selling to Seniors

Understanding what is important to seniors

Understanding how seniors make buying decisions

Avoiding the biggest mistake salespeople make when talking to seniors

Adapting your normal sales process for seniors

Mastering the set of unique selling strategies for seniors that are ethical, non-manipulative and effective

Active Listening

What it really means to focus on the customer

Gaining understanding

Clarifying value


The value of writing it down- limits of working memory

Handling Objections


Preventing Objections

          Using Active Listening techniques to respond to objections

          The Price Objection

          The Stall Objection

Custom Interactive Script Development