Our Mission

Blue Pacific Sales Training is committed to using advanced forms of learning to help salespeople and sales teams reach their full selling potential, in the shortest amount of training time.

The Flaw

The research on sales productivity and sales training is clear about two things:

Every salesperson, even your current top performers, can become significantly better!
Most current forms of sales training are inefficient in delivering sales training and ineffective at producing sustained increases in performance. Sales training research shows that 87% of what is taught with current sales training methods is forgotten in 30 days*.

Our Solution

We exist to make sure that every salesperson and sales team reaches their full selling potential in the fastest, and most cost – effective way. We achieve this by using solid research to design and continuously improve our online sales training and coaching system. This system overcomes the problems that cause current forms of sales training to be inefficient and ineffective.

Our Commitment to You, the Client

We understand that the biggest sales training investment our clients make is not the cost of the training itself but the value of the time their salespeople spend training. Therefore we will be relentless in our work to continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our learning system.

We believe that in today’s competitive business environment, sales training must be viewed as change management. All companies can benefit from continuously working to improve their approach to training. After all, every sales team represents that company’s most valuable and productive resource. 

That being said, we are fully aware of how hard it is to change. For example, think about how difficult it is to motivate people to make healthy life choices even in the face of potentially fatal consequences, such as heart attacks. In sales, the stakes aren’t as high, so it can be even more difficult to implement changes. In fact, 70% of new initiatives fail completely and the rest only reach a fraction of their original goals. With that in mind, what chance do we have at getting management to adopt more effective sales management strategies?  The answer lies in the research!

Our commitment to our clients is that we will continue our industry leadership by continuing to rely on trusted research that has been conducted by the most respected academics and leaders in the fields of effective training, sales management, performance coaching, motivation, and the complex interpersonal skills and relationships. We integrate this information with our deep understanding of the neuroscience of learning, which allows us to continuously improve our online learning and mentoring system. In addition, we are equally committed to doing our own research. For example, we are conducting ongoing research on the individual differences in learning rates and the most effective strategies for reinforcing knowledge and skills until they are mastered. This research has allowed further hone the way our system personalizes learning to each individual, which has produced a doubling of our “retained learning per hour of studying” rates.


The combination of exclusive, patented, technology, cutting edge research and over 200 years of combined sales management and sales training experience helps us to meet our primary goal of providing employers with a cost effective sales training system that produces sustained increases in sales. It also helps us with our second goal of improving the efficiency of sales training so that we always have the industry’s highest increase in sales per hour of time spent in sales training.

Headquartered in Camarillo, California, Blue Pacific Sales Training is on the fast track to being the sales training system of choice for progressive sales managers who insist on training that produces sustained increases in sales performance.

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