Technology that Continuously Improves Selling Skills

Your lowest performers will outsell 

what your top performers sell today. 


Impossible?    Think again.

We combined the BrainX Online Mastery Learning System -  designed specifically for the unique requirement of sales training - with world class sales skills, mental toughness and

manager training content, to create the world's first patented

Continous Sales Improvement System

Increase Sales - Lower New Hire Attrition  - Improve Manager Effectiveness

Blue Pacific Sales Training is a partnership between some of the world's most respected sales skills experts and the BrainX intelligent online learning system.

Why We Are Disruptive

Not Your Father's Sales Training Company

We are new, research-based and totally focused on what works in today’s selling environments.    We refuse to ignore the research which shows that  today’s sales professionals won’t change their behavior just by attending classroom-based or facilitator-on-the-stage training – or even worse - by watching talking head videos that the old school training companies mistakenly call online learning.

Today’s Sales Professionals responds to - ​-

Our Promise

Guaranteed Mastery & Behavior Change

Our niche is companies who aren’t satisfied with the status quo. Companies led by people who are driven by a desire to continuously increase sales performance resulting in a continuous increase in profits.  We use Patented Intelligent Personalized Learning Technology that guarantees every salesperson reaches mastery and that the sales performance of every salesperson improves.

You can expect that at least 80 percent of your salespeople will exceed the current sales levels of your top performers.  We start with - - 

Daily Learning Workouts

One & Done Is Dead - Long Live Continous Improvement

Our patented technology produces personalized, short, daily learning workouts for each salesperson that we call "Learning Blasts." These 10 to 15-minute Learning Blasts provide effective training followed by a short mental exercise that puts the salesperson in a peak performance mental zone as they transition out of the Learning Blast and into their next selling conversation. 

This produces an immediate ---

Head-to-Head Competitions

It may seem unorthodox, but we actually strongly recommend that you choose two or three sales training companies and conduct your own Head-to-Head testing to see which firm produces the best results.

As an intelligent and discerning consumer, you wouldn’t buy a car or even a microwave without first taking a look at non-biased information that provides performance metrics. You want to be able to easily compare a variety of performance factors for multiple solutions before you decide where to invest your money. If you are shopping around for a new car, you might look at gas mileage, safety ratings and drive train capabilities. Unfortunately, when it comes to sales training there are no comparable independent performance tests that highlight clear differences. Consumers can’t turn to an Underwriter’s Laboratory or EPA testing for Sales Training Solutions.

You might say – but what about all the different top 20 lists? Aren’t these put together by independent evaluators? Unfortunately, these lists are usually compiled by for-profit publishers who earn income from the companies they include on the list. In reality, these list publications don't conduct head-to-head competition to see what training company actually produces the best results. This is exactly why we highly recommend you do your own head-to-head testing.

While it may seem labor intensive, conducting an informative head-to-head test is actually surprisingly easy and well worth your time. Begin by simply choosing two or three providers.  Ask each company to train a portion of your salesforce and track your post-training results for two months. The company that produces the greatest sustained increase in sales wins the contract. 

Any company who truly believes in the effectiveness of their system will jump at the chance to prove their superiority. We love head-to-head competitions because it gives us a chance to show off the true capabilities of the Blue Pacific Sales Training system and how quickly you can enjoy a significant increase in profits. For instance, consider a recent test that included 1000 salespeople where effectiveness was tested just one month after completing the Blue Pacific Sales Training program. Ultimately, the test results showed a 300% increase in performance over our competitors. The good news is that your company can achieve the same results.

Don’t hesitate to ask us for details when you schedule your de​monstration.​ 

A Few Of Our Clients

Proven Success from Blue Pacific Sales Training

Blue Pacific Sales Training has helped idustry leaders achieve new levels of success through our comrephenisve training system that helps every member of your team master essential sales skills.

Sales Trainers Please Join Us

Through extensive research, we have come to the conclusion that the biggest problem in sales today is that the vast majority of companies dramatically underestimate what their salespeople are capable of achieving. The evidence is overwhelming; just look at how few companies evaluate and measure each salesperson’s ability to strategically use each important selling skill associated with the company’s sales process. While marketing departments measure everything that impacts conversion rates at each stage of the marketing process sales departments rarely apply the same analysis to determine which selling skills produce the greatest results at each stage in their selling process. We believe that the fundamental reason behind this big problem is a systemic failure of the sales training industry to fully acknowledge how big the gap is between current sales performance and what salespeople are capable of achieving along with what it really takes to train people in a way that produces sustained levels of superior performance.

Blue Pacific Sales Training exists in order to solve this relatively obvious, yet ignored problem. We are committed to shouting out the truth about how much money salespeople are capable of making for their company and the amount of effort it takes to teach meaningful sales skills by using effective training strategies that improve results while also streamlining the entire training process.

We invite you to join our team of experienced sales skills experts, performance psychologists and neuroscience specialist who are collaborating in a system that is revolutionizing how salespeople are trained so that they achieve sales skills mastery in less time. This approach, which is solidly grounded in neuroscience that examines how we learn, has been proven successful with over 10,000 salespeople.